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Vermilion Pleasure Night (2002)


Vermilion Pleasure Night is a Japanese comedy variety show that primarily focuses on parodying popular Japanese shows and American sitcoms. You could probably get away with likening it to an episode of Tim and Eric, except for the fact that the episodes are longer, which can be a plus and a minus. Tim and Eric,…

Night of the Living Pelosi (2012)


Normally, I try to stay away from politics. I really do. You cut your audience in half, and with this site, that would literally bisect someone and kill them. However with all the seemingly useless attack ads out there that no one likes, there is one this season that plays out like a 70’s era…

I Am Omega (2007)


I Am Omega is a “mockbuster” title put out by The Asylum that met its release shortly before I Am Legend, which starred Will Smith. Much like the film it imitates, I Am Omega tells the tale of one man”s struggle for survival after a viral outbreak transforms most of the world”s population into mindless…

Last of the Living (2008)


Finally an indie movie that was done spectacularly. A quick browse through the movie showed that it was a lower budget, self-produced effort, but it’s readily apparent that they knew what they were doing. Right from the start the camera angles were spot on, and title overlays were done tastefully. Heck, the rule of thirds…

Re-Animator (1985)


Prior to reading up on the exploits of Herbert West, I never thought much about the idea of restoring life after death. Sure, I was familiar with the story of Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster, but in many key ways, that story was quite different from Re-Animator. Though it was true that both stories dealt with unorthodox…

When Evil Reigns (2006)


It’s hard to rate these no budget movies. I know you can’t hold them to the same level as most others due to the lack of funds. We’re always saying that money doesn’t make a good movies, so a lack of financial backing forces most to like the movie even if they didn’t like it….

Terror at Blood Fart Lake (2009)


I was pretty sure I was going to hate this going in, but I found it wasn’t all that bad. Originally I was going to compare Rise of the Scarecrows and this movie, but then I had to actually watch both, so things might be altered a bit. However the core point still stands as…

Rise of the Scarecrows (2009)


You know the commercials with the people who only have a dollar and whine endlessly about how they can’t afford anything. Then someone comes along and say ‘ha ha, you can buy a sandwich or a gumdrop’, or something like that. Well if I came along, I’d say ‘you can produce this movie’, and still…

Hell of the Living Dead (1980)


Our story begins at a HOPE station in New Guinea where some egghead scientists are surely cooking up some kind of perverse affront to God’s creation. The viewer is not immediately privy to what kind of work they’re doing, but the answer becomes all too clear in a matter of seconds. Some scientists in hazard…

Bio-Zombie (1998)


I just want everyone to know how hard it was to capture screenshots for this movie. I use VLC for most of my movie reviews as do my colleagues and if the film is shot on digital, you have a tendency to end up with a lot of these choppy, scan-line photos. That being said,…