Monthly archives: April, 2001

Night of the Lepus (1981)


Well, this little gem of a movie was brought to my attention. It’s about rabbits. Big rabbits. So how can you go wrong with that. It’s very hard, but there’s one thing you can’t do. And that is take it too seriously. Given playing it straight came sometimes add to the campiness of the movie,…

Miss Cleo


Ahh, Miss Cleo. Who hasn’t seen those psychic commercials where you can get your FREE tarot readin’. It wavers between making you want to call to figure out what they’re saying, and realizing you’d be the laughing stock of your friends if they found out. So we choose the latter, and leave the truth untold….

Cannibal Ferox (1981)


I don’t know why I got this film. Maybe I just chickend out of Cannibal Holocaust; although I can’t find it in a reasonable price range on eBay. I’ve kicked my eBay habit anyway. Having no money helps a bit, but the bidding wars get to be a pain to keep after. You have to…