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Cult (2007)


If you remove the ‘L’ from the title, you get Cut. Which as reviewed earlier, ended up being a generic slasher film, following the typical routes. This movie, despite being about an ancient Asian legend rather than a slasher come to life, can easily swap the plot around. One may think a plot would hinge…

Cut (2000)


In my defense, I found this in the $2 flat rate bin at the local job lot. Sadly, I was expecting some terrible jewels in the rough, but this is all I could find. There were some bizarre childrens’ videos, but they scared me even more. It was nightmarish. Slashers really are the bane of…

Death Tunnel (2005)


For a while, I thought I was getting soft. It seemed that I was hard pressed to find a movie I didn’t like; I mean in the b-movie circuit anyway. After classics like Zombie and Brain Damage, I grabbed a bunch of Shot on Video DVD’s thinking I’d get more of the same. After watching…