Monthly archives: July, 2009

Dark Reel (2008)


It’s apparent why the actors are in this movie. Lance Hendrickson and Tony Todd make a living off these roles and don’t take them terribly serious. Eddy Furlong is in a need of a comeback after Crow: Wicked Prayer, and Tiffany Shepis has been in most recent b-movies, so it’s just a matter of routine…

Tower of Blood (2005)


How many movies have followed this premise: A group of twenty-somethings want to party in an abandoned building and some slasher who somehow existed on his own for years in the place kills them all one-by-one. The correct answer can only be determined by researching the sales of mini-DV prosumer cameras, as I’ve yet to…

Killer Rats (2003)


A movie called Killer Rats has to be good. Or at least you shouldn’t expect a whole lot from it. I’m not sure how these movies get made, or who finances them. Pitching a movie about large rats that kill people must be quite the job. But luckily someone was up to the challenge and…

Midnight Movie (2008)


I’m not a huge slasher fan. You have a big scary guy who picks off people one by one. You can’t very well have a full cast at the end of the movie, so every small victory means little when in the next scene they person who saved the moment ends up coughing up entrails….

Subterano (2003)


Been a while since I’ve watched a sci-fi movie that doesn’t involve a monster of some sort. Instead we have here an entry into the virtual reality game gone wrong genre. I don’t know if that’s a whole genre, but I’ve seen enough of them. While this bleeds more into actual reality, it’s still close…

Lost Highway (1997)


There are many ways one can approach a David Lynch film. The literal interpretation of events can only carry you so far as seemingly inexplicable elements are thrown in to throw you off at every turn. As is most often the case, multiple viewings yield multiple perceptions and in this review, I will do my…

Zatoichi (2003)


Much like James Bond, Zatoichi has endured several decades and his films are still being made and enjoyed to this day. As a blind vagrant who makes money gambling and giving massages, he doesn’t appear to be a threat. However, when faced with corruption and perceived injustice to the innocent, his cane, concealing a blade,…

Terror at Blood Fart Lake (2009)


I was pretty sure I was going to hate this going in, but I found it wasn’t all that bad. Originally I was going to compare Rise of the Scarecrows and this movie, but then I had to actually watch both, so things might be altered a bit. However the core point still stands as…

Rise of the Scarecrows (2009)


You know the commercials with the people who only have a dollar and whine endlessly about how they can’t afford anything. Then someone comes along and say ‘ha ha, you can buy a sandwich or a gumdrop’, or something like that. Well if I came along, I’d say ‘you can produce this movie’, and still…

Cemetary High (1989)


Digging into this movie’s history a bit shows that it wasn’t supposed to be this ridiculous. Starting out as a dark comedy, Charles Band apparently thought it was too good for the Full Moon label, so revisions were made to slaughter any semblance of sanity. The story still apparently follows the same plot, but decides…