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Avengers Grimm (2015)


Oh Asylum, you’ve grown so much over the years. It’s a shame that Sharknado has been your claim to fame, but whatever it takes to keep things rolling. For the few who don’t know much about Asylum, they are a company that churns out movies commonly dubbed as Mockbusters at an insane rate for dirt…

Vermilion Pleasure Night (2002)


Vermilion Pleasure Night is a Japanese comedy variety show that primarily focuses on parodying popular Japanese shows and American sitcoms. You could probably get away with likening it to an episode of Tim and Eric, except for the fact that the episodes are longer, which can be a plus and a minus. Tim and Eric,…

Murdercycle (1999)


In the quest to watch and/or own anything related to Full Moon Productions, I found a 4-pack of DVD’s which had the much needed Killer Eye, two monster movies that could very will be for children, and then this: Murdercycle. Aside from being an awesome name, it seems to fit that 80’s sci-fi/action hybrid perfectly….

Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959)


I first saw this in my crazy eBay days of the early 2000’s, when I stumbled upon a seller of n’th generation VHS dubs. At this point, you couldn’t get much, since no one was making things on DVD aside from blockbusters, and most of the VHS tapes had tracking issues. At least the bootlegs…

Doctor Mordrid (1992)


Doctor Mordrid is further proof that Jeffrey Combs can do no wrong. I dare you to find a movie that he wasn’t good in. You can’t. Sure the movies may not be good, but he throws himself into every character treating them as serious as any A list performance should be. The production of Doctor…

Crash and Burn (1990)


Here we have a pseudo-hold over from Charles Band’s Empire days. While not a real sequel, as Robot Wars fits that a little better as a followup to Robot Jox, it does lift some archival footage in order to achieve the climax of the movie. The movie title is even an homage to Robot Jox…

Monster (2008)


Monster is another attempt by The Asylum to cash in on a much better motion picture; in this case Cloverfield. One would have you believe that The Asylum’s offering is the horrifying, “real” account of two American filmmakers struggling to survive the rampage of an enormous beast. What you actually get is 85 minutes of…

I Am Omega (2007)


I Am Omega is a “mockbuster” title put out by The Asylum that met its release shortly before I Am Legend, which starred Will Smith. Much like the film it imitates, I Am Omega tells the tale of one man”s struggle for survival after a viral outbreak transforms most of the world”s population into mindless…

Alien vs. Hunter (2007)


Well, Playstation Network is still down. Guess I’ll post a review. Alien Vs. Hunter is yet another “mockbuster” spewed forth from the semi-competent minds of The Asylum. Much like Alien Vs. Predator, this movie features a monstrous alien running amok while a stoic, armor-clad humanoid alien hunter chases it. A ragtag group of humans are…

Princess of Mars (2009)


If you’ve never seen a film produced by The Asylum, then I envy you for being happier than me. They are a sinister cabal of marginally talented people known for preying upon the unwary. Let me ask any of the Gen Z’s out there who may be reading this: have you ever asked your grandparents…