Goshzilla runs the site and controls our every move. He claims to review movies but always puts the workload on us. But we are ever gracious of his presence, and that makes it worth our while. He was also the star of his movie Goshzilla.


Dann pays the bills and reviews whatever anyone else doesn’t want to. Starring in every DCJ Productions movie except for Goshzilla, he knows what it takes for a movie to be great. Despite being forced into slavery as a movie reviewer, he tries to look at the brighter side.


Dave is an avid Horror Movie fan, and creates his own in his spare time.


Brian is forced to watch the worst of the b-movies and then must report his findings. He longs for the eventual day that he will be free to do something other than review movies.


Zafo is actually a colony of hyper-evolved termites encased in a humanoid polycarbonate suit designed for the sole purpose of playing video games and writing about them.


We all hate Alex and dump the bulk of the movies on him. We’re not sure why, but it just feels good to relieve our own burdens.

The Orthodontist

The Orthodontist starred in his own short film, The Orthodontist. After that he retired and now reviews the Eurotrash movies on this site.