Tag: Slashers

Hack-O-Lantern (1988)


80’s horror can at times be divided into two age group camps: Adults and children, and then others that just deal with teens or young adults acting like teen. Hack-o-lantern starts out like the former, but then switches gears half way through. The movie begins with a child and creepy grandfather meeting at a pumpkin…

A Crack in the Floor (2000)


I rented this a long time ago. Gary Busey was misleadingly given one of the top billing slots. Now I don’t know why that fact alone was the tipping point for renting the movie, but I also don’t know why I ended up buying the movie in the sales bin year later either after knowing…

Student Bodies (1981)


It seems like recently, only a few movies can come out before they are lumped into the parody movie of the month. Most of these don’t really have a plot. There’s a basic flow and a few characters, but mostly they are a series of scene re-enactments where everything it set up as close to…

Rocktober Blood (1984)


When you think of Heavy Metal Halloween movies, you may think of Heavy Metal Zombies or Trick or Treat with Gene Simmons, but here we have the real deal. Based on real life band Sorcery, a heavy metal band is in the process of recording their new record. Internal tension is running high as the…

Blood Freak (1972)


During the 60’s, the movie industry was growing tired of the Production Code and its limitations. Starting in the mid-30’s the Code dictated what could or could not be in a movie at all. Certain restrictions were relaxed over time, but others were pretty steadfast. In the early 70’s the Code was dropped in favor…

Cut (2000)


In my defense, I found this in the $2 flat rate bin at the local job lot. Sadly, I was expecting some terrible jewels in the rough, but this is all I could find. There were some bizarre childrens’ videos, but they scared me even more. It was nightmarish. Slashers really are the bane of…

Shredder (2003)


Horray for more generic slashers. Let me guess, does it start with a random clip of someone being knocked off by a well-hidden killer. Yes it does! And is that followed by a scene of a bunch of twenty-somethings in a car ride. Wow, right again! It’s almost as if this formula was use in…

Dark Reel (2008)


It’s apparent why the actors are in this movie. Lance Hendrickson and Tony Todd make a living off these roles and don’t take them terribly serious. Eddy Furlong is in a need of a comeback after Crow: Wicked Prayer, and Tiffany Shepis has been in most recent b-movies, so it’s just a matter of routine…

Tower of Blood (2005)


How many movies have followed this premise: A group of twenty-somethings want to party in an abandoned building and some slasher who somehow existed on his own for years in the place kills them all one-by-one. The correct answer can only be determined by researching the sales of mini-DV prosumer cameras, as I’ve yet to…

Midnight Movie (2008)


I’m not a huge slasher fan. You have a big scary guy who picks off people one by one. You can’t very well have a full cast at the end of the movie, so every small victory means little when in the next scene they person who saved the moment ends up coughing up entrails….