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VLOG (2008)


So with the rest of the crew doing their VLogs, I figured I’d chime in. Not with an actual vlog, as I’m far too lazy, so instead I’ll just do one about the horrific movie: VLOG. Let’s take a history lesson that I’m all too embarrassed to recall. Dig back a decade, give or take…

Witchmaster General (2009)


It’s hard to admit when one is wrong, but in this case I have to plead guilty. I first loaded this up and saw the mini-DV quality movie start. Now mind you I didn’t take offense to this, as I do tend to like homebrewed efforts, but more often than not a chance to be…

The Wild World of Batwoman (1966)


I tend to have more of an appreciation for classic films as opposed to more current things of my generation. I think back to the days of Alfred Hitchcock and while I may not have even been around to appreciate them, that hasn’t stopped me from longing for the days of cool actors and cool…