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Public Enemies (1935)


While I’m usually a proponent of the private sector spearheading many innovative trends, and government usually bloating things to the point of extreme inefficiency, I must admit I was wrong about one thing: gratuitous death footage. While Faces of Death is the grandfather of gore, despite being mostly faked, it certainly sparked off many imitations…

Thanksgiving with the O’Connors


I’m honestly not sure what this is. I felt obligated to try and find at least one Thanksgiving themed entry for the site, since I’m obviously too busy to create custom graphics and such. Maybe I’ll perk up for Christmas. Who knows. Anyway I stumbled over whatever this is supposed to be. I wasn’t even…

Whole (2003)


It’s not uncommon to hear stories about people who are convinced that they are the wrong gender and won’t feel complete until somehow this is corrected. Some may be satisfied by simply pretending and wearing different clothes or changing mannerisms, while others necessitate a medical alteration. ‘Whole’ makes comparisons to this cultural phenomenon but in…