Monthly archives: August, 2009

Autopsy (2008)


Of many of the movies I’ve seen lately, this one comes out a little better than most. It’s not really bad in a b-movie way, and it’s certainly not a hollywood remake/clone piece, so that’s certainly in its favor. It does tread in similar mid-range budget films the likes of After Dark Horrorfest entries though,…

Jetpack (1993)


I often imagine old shareware authors to be a rare race of mythical beast; some kind of hulking mammoth or fleeting spirit that existed only at some point between 1985 and 1994 and only just long enough to craft a single piece of vibrant CGA wonderland before disappearing forever. As an awkward youth who came…

Big Man Japan (2007)


While the idea of monsters attacking Japan isn’t really a new idea, this movie certainly takes a different approach. First off, the monsters are ridiculous. They are all CGI based, as is the hero, but it isn’t meant to be 100% realistic so they in turn went the other direction and thought up the most…

Bio Menace: Episode 1 (1993)


I was once told that video games in the early 80’s and 90’s were much harder than games today. At the time of hearing this, I didn’t really know if that was true. I had grown up most of my life only casually playing games. The number of games I owned was much higher than…

Invasion of the Pod People (2007)


If anyone offers you a potted ginseng plant, don’t take it, or you will be killed by your own clone. And that’s a terrible way to die. It would also place you in this movie, which is a terrible way to live, so you really can’t win. Stay away from the plant…and this movie. Pod…

Hell Ride (2008)


Up until recently, I never understood the obsession with rearranging the timeline in a story. Starting a movie at the end and then starting from the beginning from the closing scene always confused and disoriented me. By the time I realized what was going on, I had missed critical information occurring in the middle of…

Crocodile (2000)


Car ride cliché…check. Okay, off to a start then. Many years ago, Tobe Hooper made a movie called Eaten Alive. Not to be confused with the cannibal movie of the same (translated) name. This movie starred Robert Englund seven year before he would become the famous Freddy Krueger. His role played him as a rather…

Breathing Room (2008)


Saw seems to have inspired some clones. In reality this follows the original entry in the fact that it’s a closed room, but then it goes into Cube territory. Everything goes back to Cube of course. Right off the bat, unknown forces state that there are rules, and only those who follow them will survive….

The Wild World of Batwoman (1966)


I tend to have more of an appreciation for classic films as opposed to more current things of my generation. I think back to the days of Alfred Hitchcock and while I may not have even been around to appreciate them, that hasn’t stopped me from longing for the days of cool actors and cool…

Shredder (2003)


Horray for more generic slashers. Let me guess, does it start with a random clip of someone being knocked off by a well-hidden killer. Yes it does! And is that followed by a scene of a bunch of twenty-somethings in a car ride. Wow, right again! It’s almost as if this formula was use in…