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Zombie Zinger (2009)


Preface by Dann: I’ve been asked to provide some commentary on the symbolic nature of these films. While looking like a generic mini-DV production from feeble minds, it was however finely crafted, to tackle some of the tough issues of our day. Much like Aesop’s Fables, the need to replace prominent figures with animal counterparts…

Zombi Fourest (2004)


If you ask anyone about the DCJ Zombie Chronicles, you’ll probably only hear about Zombie Jamboree and the more recent Zombie Zinger. So what happened to the second film Zombi Fourest? The story of this forgotten classic is both long and tragic, but in a nutshell, Zombi Fourest was the unwitting victim of fallout from…

Zombie Jamboree (2001)


I know what you’re thinking: “A review of Zombie Jamboree? That’s been done to death (pun intended)! Every review site and their browser-based mothers have done this.” Well, I just couldn’t help myself. It’s Goshtober and the air is right for the review of Zombie Jamboree…yes, THE Zombie Jamboree. In short, Zombie Jamboree is a…

Goshzilla 2005 (2005)


Back for his third attempt, Goshzilla again terrorizes those who foolishly enter his domain. We start of with two people who are arguing about a CD holder. But it is not a CD holder, not even the great Rappin’ with the Homeboys CD. Surely this can only be resolved though a fight at the park….

Goshzilla 2000 (2001)


Once again, we meet our heros: guy 5 and guy 6. They are talking about his new CD player. But it is not a CD player it is the new Rappin’ with the Homeboys CD! So guy 5 suggests they throw it in the dumpster. With such a threat placed against guy 6, he lashes…

Goshzilla (1998)


I was going to let Goshzilla review this himself, being his site and all, but I figured he’d be too biased. So I told him it was free monkey day at the Market, and that got him out. I’m not sure what free monkey day is, but he bought it, so now I can get…