Tag: Cult Figure

Jeffrey Combs


The first time I’d ever heard of this marvelous man was in the film Re-Animator. Based on the story by H.P. Lovecraft, Combs assumed the role of Herbert West, the story’s twisted protagonist consumed with finding the cure for death. This would not be the only Lovecraft-inspired film Combs would star in, and he would…

Miss Cleo


Ahh, Miss Cleo. Who hasn’t seen those psychic commercials where you can get your FREE tarot readin’. It wavers between making you want to call to figure out what they’re saying, and realizing you’d be the laughing stock of your friends if they found out. So we choose the latter, and leave the truth untold….

Peter Bark


Just about the only thing that I could find out about Peter Bark, was his name. The IMDB has nothing other than a reference to some uncredited role he had. E! online had even less. So with such little information, and less interest, why would he be the our first Cult Icon? Why, because he…