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The World of Yoshihiro Tatsumi


The problem I find with manga and, really, American comics as well is that it’s very easy for me to get burnt out. I can only read a reboot of Ghost Rider or Spiderman or Batman so many times before I start to feel like maybe I’ve heard this story before and manga isn’t much…

Night of the Living Pelosi (2012)


Normally, I try to stay away from politics. I really do. You cut your audience in half, and with this site, that would literally bisect someone and kill them. However with all the seemingly useless attack ads out there that no one likes, there is one this season that plays out like a 70’s era…

Animal Farm (1954)


I was surprised when I found out there was a cartoon adaption to one of George Orwell’s most celebrated novels. Not because I didn’t think it deserved the honor of being immortalized through animation, but simply because I wasn’t sure kids were going to be able to digest this kind of story. The novel was…