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Murdercycle (1999)


In the quest to watch and/or own anything related to Full Moon Productions, I found a 4-pack of DVD’s which had the much needed Killer Eye, two monster movies that could very will be for children, and then this: Murdercycle. Aside from being an awesome name, it seems to fit that 80’s sci-fi/action hybrid perfectly….

Alien vs. Hunter (2007)


Well, Playstation Network is still down. Guess I’ll post a review. Alien Vs. Hunter is yet another “mockbuster” spewed forth from the semi-competent minds of The Asylum. Much like Alien Vs. Predator, this movie features a monstrous alien running amok while a stoic, armor-clad humanoid alien hunter chases it. A ragtag group of humans are…

Princess of Mars (2009)


If you’ve never seen a film produced by The Asylum, then I envy you for being happier than me. They are a sinister cabal of marginally talented people known for preying upon the unwary. Let me ask any of the Gen Z’s out there who may be reading this: have you ever asked your grandparents…

Bad Channels (1992)


Here’s another early entry from Full Moon, but they certainly started showing their campy side. Not a way that it became self-parody, but almost in the way most 80’s comedies with the Corey’s were portrayed. I didn’t have much expectations for this movie, and I really hadn’t heard about it as much as many of…

Seedpeople (1992)


I’m not really a huge fan of body snatcher-esque movies, as they usually tread the same ground from one to the next. This one isn’t too different as people get possessed, others don’t know who’s real or not, and somehow the survivors have to figure out how to end the infestation. While the method of…

Enemy Mine (1985)


No idea why I stumbled upon this as 80’s sci-fi isn’t really my thing, but fortunately it’s more of an adventure movie set to a sci-fi theme. In the distant future Earth has proclaimed peace, so naturally they had to set out into space to find someone to butt heads with. As they explored deeper…

Alien Contamination (1980)


So, in 1979 this guy named Ridley Scott came out with this movie called Alien. A claustrophobic, frightening and surreal tour-de-force, Alien was a one of a kind film that redefined the scifi/monster movie genre. Spawning numerous sequels, spin-offs, literature, and even video games, the Alien franchise is still very much alive and well. However,…

The Deadly Spawn (1983)


There have been plenty of early low-budget monster movies, and many are hit or miss. Usually the budget plays a role in that, but fortunately for the Deadly Spawn, that was not the case. Whoever was in charge of the puppeteering did a fine job at creating a hideous alien being. The aliens consist of…

War of the Worlds (1988)


Picking up after the events of the 1950’s film, the War of the Worlds television series found a small research team battling the dark agenda of the Martians that survived the first war. Now, anyone who has seen the original film will undoubtedly have some questions. For starters, all the Martians were wiped out by…

One Eyed Monster (2008)


Not quite sure how to review this bizarre movie. In essence, it’s a traditional monster/critter movie. However, if you go by the cast and titles, it throws elements of the adult industry into the mix. However it is first and foremost a regular horror movie and combined with a level of very apparent campiness makes…