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Taintlight (2009)


My first impressions of this movie was ‘wait, this looks familiar’, and it soon dawned on me that I was watching yet another feature by the director of Blood Fart Lake. But I press on, hopeful that I could get a few laughs despite some crude humor. As expected, there’s pretty much the same level…

Thanksgiving with the O’Connors


I’m honestly not sure what this is. I felt obligated to try and find at least one Thanksgiving themed entry for the site, since I’m obviously too busy to create custom graphics and such. Maybe I’ll perk up for Christmas. Who knows. Anyway I stumbled over whatever this is supposed to be. I wasn’t even…

Witchmaster General (2009)


It’s hard to admit when one is wrong, but in this case I have to plead guilty. I first loaded this up and saw the mini-DV quality movie start. Now mind you I didn’t take offense to this, as I do tend to like homebrewed efforts, but more often than not a chance to be…

Zombie Zinger (2009)


Preface by Dann: I’ve been asked to provide some commentary on the symbolic nature of these films. While looking like a generic mini-DV production from feeble minds, it was however finely crafted, to tackle some of the tough issues of our day. Much like Aesop’s Fables, the need to replace prominent figures with animal counterparts…

Zombi Fourest (2004)


If you ask anyone about the DCJ Zombie Chronicles, you’ll probably only hear about Zombie Jamboree and the more recent Zombie Zinger. So what happened to the second film Zombi Fourest? The story of this forgotten classic is both long and tragic, but in a nutshell, Zombi Fourest was the unwitting victim of fallout from…

Zombie Jamboree (2001)


I know what you’re thinking: “A review of Zombie Jamboree? That’s been done to death (pun intended)! Every review site and their browser-based mothers have done this.” Well, I just couldn’t help myself. It’s Goshtober and the air is right for the review of Zombie Jamboree…yes, THE Zombie Jamboree. In short, Zombie Jamboree is a…

When Evil Reigns (2006)


It’s hard to rate these no budget movies. I know you can’t hold them to the same level as most others due to the lack of funds. We’re always saying that money doesn’t make a good movies, so a lack of financial backing forces most to like the movie even if they didn’t like it….

Terror at Blood Fart Lake (2009)


I was pretty sure I was going to hate this going in, but I found it wasn’t all that bad. Originally I was going to compare Rise of the Scarecrows and this movie, but then I had to actually watch both, so things might be altered a bit. However the core point still stands as…

Rise of the Scarecrows (2009)


You know the commercials with the people who only have a dollar and whine endlessly about how they can’t afford anything. Then someone comes along and say ‘ha ha, you can buy a sandwich or a gumdrop’, or something like that. Well if I came along, I’d say ‘you can produce this movie’, and still…

Blood Thirst (1985)


Joe Castro is becoming one of my favorite low-budget directors/producers/everythingelseinthemovieperson. So when I saw one of his earlier works on the Terror Toons 2 DVD, I had to give it a look. Made in 1985, it was filmed on what I assume was a VHS camcorder. From an interview I read, he said it was…