Monthly archives: July, 2011

Doctor Mordrid (1992)


Doctor Mordrid is further proof that Jeffrey Combs can do no wrong. I dare you to find a movie that he wasn’t good in. You can’t. Sure the movies may not be good, but he throws himself into every character treating them as serious as any A list performance should be. The production of Doctor…

Princess (2006)


Princess is a modern-day tale of revenge centered on August, former missionary turned unwitting uncle and guardian of Mia; the 5-year old daughter of his recently deceased sister, Christina. Gaining the nickname of “The Princess” in the porn community, Christina died from years of drug abuse leaving Mia to be[break] raised in the care of…

8bit killer (2008)


Developer(s): Locomalito Platform(s): PC Year: 2008 Link: Here 8bit killer is what a first-person shooter would be like if it were released for the NES. It manages to espouse feelings of nostalgia through the use of simplistic controls and retro graphics without compromising the gameplay experience. [break] The story of 8bit killer isn’t complex involving…