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Monster’s new non-alcoholic Malt Drink.

Cajun Christmas


Holiday Pringles and Zapps Crawtators [break]

Tea Energy


Limelite Energy Drink – X-Games Energy – Rob’s Chocolate Tea

Polar Seltzer

Various Seltzers, which aren’t any good.

Wine Water & Entropy


We try wine flavored vitamin waters and the infamous Entropy energy drink.  

Soda Batch #5


Here we are on another journey through random drink assortments, old and new. Obscure and retro. Good and evil. Pretentious and heartwarming. Some are still around and common at the local mini-mart, but hey, I need to fill some space on the site to justify renewing it next year. Monster Import: If nothing more, this…

Soda Batch #4


This review cost me over $4, so I think I’ve hit my quota for spending on reviews. I suppose that isn’t too bad for six rather large cans, but then again I suppose they should be six good cans of something. Either way we all still lose. Ranging from 60-70ยข, each of these came in…

Soda Batch #3: Spooky Edition


It’s a spooky time of year, and what better way than to infer that certain beverages were meant for Halloween, and are therefore spooky as well. Read on brave ones or you will not be drinking fine nectars, but the blood of your fellow humankind. Blood Orange: We’ve all had orange soda, sometimes Ecto-coolerish Mandarin…

Soda Batch #2


I now present to you, round 2 of the soda collections. This time, we have a few energy drinks I found for very very cheap. Most were found for 50-60 cents rather then the normal $2-3. Are they worth not paying full retail like many other drinks, or do they just suck. Will they energize…

Soda Batch #1


We can’t review movies all day, so let’s mix things up a bit. In a blatant homage to X-Entertainment‘s tradition of taking a look at the overlooked, we present some random stuff found at the local job lot. There’s a little good, a little bad, and a lot of awful. The kind that makes you…