Monthly archives: May, 2011

Monster (2008)


Monster is another attempt by The Asylum to cash in on a much better motion picture; in this case Cloverfield. One would have you believe that The Asylum’s offering is the horrifying, “real” account of two American filmmakers struggling to survive the rampage of an enormous beast. What you actually get is 85 minutes of…

I Am Omega (2007)


I Am Omega is a “mockbuster” title put out by The Asylum that met its release shortly before I Am Legend, which starred Will Smith. Much like the film it imitates, I Am Omega tells the tale of one man”s struggle for survival after a viral outbreak transforms most of the world”s population into mindless…

Alien vs. Hunter (2007)


Well, Playstation Network is still down. Guess I’ll post a review. Alien Vs. Hunter is yet another “mockbuster” spewed forth from the semi-competent minds of The Asylum. Much like Alien Vs. Predator, this movie features a monstrous alien running amok while a stoic, armor-clad humanoid alien hunter chases it. A ragtag group of humans are…