Slaughterhouse (1987)


As a child of 80’s horror; who walked the halls of the video store like it was my museum. A warm, cozy feeling comes from collecting the movies of yesteryear, in my older age. My favorite sub of the horror genre; aside from zombie horror, is the slasher film. There’s something magic about the old…

Skull Heads (2009)


Okay, I’m back, and Full Moon is on my mind. As I continue to pour through their catalog, I finally obtained a movie that almost acted as the resurgence of their modern incarnation. Charles Band made it a mission to start producing upwards of four to five movies a year, just as they did in…

Shaun White Snowboarding (2008)


I seriously thought this game came out in about 2010 or so. I break it out once a year to make up for the fact that I will never go on a real skiing/snowboarding trip. Not for lack of interest, but more due to the fact that you need money and something called a vacation….



Monster’s new non-alcoholic Malt Drink.

Strangeland (1998)


This movie remained an enigma for me for years. I saw it back in the hey-day, as it played alongside the golden days of Full Moon. In every respect it has Full Moon written all over it, but in the end, isn’t. The main problem was that once you caught a movie on TV, there…

Vermilion Pleasure Night (2002)


Vermilion Pleasure Night is a Japanese comedy variety show that primarily focuses on parodying popular Japanese shows and American sitcoms. You could probably get away with likening it to an episode of Tim and Eric, except for the fact that the episodes are longer, which can be a plus and a minus. Tim and Eric,…

Stumbling on a Spider Beetle


A colleague of mine who knows I’m into bug photography called me one day since he found some bugs in the office. He figured they were assassin bugs, and that’s not out of the ordinary since members of the True Bug family tend to overwinter inside. I made a point to bring my camera into…

The World of Yoshihiro Tatsumi


The problem I find with manga and, really, American comics as well is that it’s very easy for me to get burnt out. I can only read a reboot of Ghost Rider or Spiderman or Batman so many times before I start to feel like maybe I’ve heard this story before and manga isn’t much…

The Adventures of Mark Twain (1985)


Will Vinton, who many of you might remember for the California Raisins, is kind of a god to Claymation. He is right up there with Art Clokey (Gumby), Henry Selick (Coraline) and Nick Park (Wallace & Gromit). And just like all the other greats, there is always this distinctly Vinton look to all the things…

Yeti Hunter


Yeti Hunter is an atmospheric game not for the light of heart. Much like the found footage genre of today’s horror movies, it relies on subtle concentration to achieve it’s most terrifying moments. You begin with no back-story or clue as to what is going on. Instead below you is a pool of what you…