Monthly archives: September, 2009

The Slayer (1982)


There’s a reason I haven’t taken a vacation in the past 9 years. Horror movies have taught me that this is a very bad idea. There’s always someone out there to just ruin your good time. Sure work gives you at least two weeks off, but those end up being used for doctors appointments and…

Candy Stripers (2006)


There’s a reason movies sometimes have a $5 price tag, and as is often the case, they are still overcharging. At some point, I need to resist the urge of a good deal when in fact buying nothing really is the better option. This movie in particular, short of being free, just isn’t worth it….

Jeffrey Combs


The first time I’d ever heard of this marvelous man was in the film Re-Animator. Based on the story by H.P. Lovecraft, Combs assumed the role of Herbert West, the story’s twisted protagonist consumed with finding the cure for death. This would not be the only Lovecraft-inspired film Combs would star in, and he would…

Blood Freak (1972)


During the 60’s, the movie industry was growing tired of the Production Code and its limitations. Starting in the mid-30’s the Code dictated what could or could not be in a movie at all. Certain restrictions were relaxed over time, but others were pretty steadfast. In the early 70’s the Code was dropped in favor…

Night of a 1000 Cats (1972)


When people look fondly on the horror movies of yester-year, they all too often forget horrible examples like this one. Really the worst offense a movie can do, is to be boring. Or blatently relying on perverse or scatalogical humor, but that sort of falls into the same category in the end anyway. This falls…

Whole (2003)


It’s not uncommon to hear stories about people who are convinced that they are the wrong gender and won’t feel complete until somehow this is corrected. Some may be satisfied by simply pretending and wearing different clothes or changing mannerisms, while others necessitate a medical alteration. ‘Whole’ makes comparisons to this cultural phenomenon but in…

Soda Batch #2


I now present to you, round 2 of the soda collections. This time, we have a few energy drinks I found for very very cheap. Most were found for 50-60 cents rather then the normal $2-3. Are they worth not paying full retail like many other drinks, or do they just suck. Will they energize…

When Evil Reigns (2006)


It’s hard to rate these no budget movies. I know you can’t hold them to the same level as most others due to the lack of funds. We’re always saying that money doesn’t make a good movies, so a lack of financial backing forces most to like the movie even if they didn’t like it….

The Dunwich Horror (2009)


The Dunwich Horror was easily one of H.P. Lovecraft’s best works during the time of his more prosperous years. Mixing themes such as the ignorance of man when faced with superior beings and the ancient mysticism and legends or rural New England, Lovecraft wove a tapestry of intrigue and terror. The Dunwich Horror also bears…

Soda Batch #1


We can’t review movies all day, so let’s mix things up a bit. In a blatant homage to X-Entertainment‘s tradition of taking a look at the overlooked, we present some random stuff found at the local job lot. There’s a little good, a little bad, and a lot of awful. The kind that makes you…