When people look fondly on the horror movies of yester-year, they all too often forget horrible examples like this one. Really the worst offense a movie can do, is to be boring. Or blatently relying on perverse or scatalogical humor, but that sort of falls into the same category in the end anyway.


This falls into the former. Pretty much as the summary states: women are fed to cats, and a guy takes helicopter rides. That’s it. But I have more screenshots than text at this point, so I must somehow describe nothing for a few more paragraphs.

The movie details (in not so much detail), the exploits of a wealthy man and the women he seduces by creepily hovering of their pools with his helicopter. Really, he flies over to random house, stares at them for a few minutes, and they get all giddy. Even women with children wait for their husbands to go off to work, so they can pop over and have a meal with the rich man. But it always ends the same, they become kitty food and their head ends up in a jar.


Several women are featured here, but aside from the one who takes up the first part of the movie and is only a plot device to show the ravenous cats, only two play a prominent role. I’m not sure about the relationship between the two since the movie doesn’t really do a great job explaining anything. As far as I can tell, one is married, and the other is free to lounge all day and swim in pools. The married woman has a daughter and doesn’t seem to find any fowl in the rich man flying over and giving toys to her. In fact she thinks this is endearing and for whatever reason disregards her husband in favor of the mystery man. The single women is less complex, she just hops on over to be eaten.

However this woman is seen differently by the rich man, and he intends to keep her around rather than feed her to the cats. The butler doesn’t get the memo though and makes quick work of her after an escape attempt. The married women fairs better, but does stumble upon the cats and jars full of heads.


Now I’m pretty sure there isn’t 1000 cats, there’s maybe a few dozen or so. That said, I’m sure the urine smell could strip paint off a shed. Without a litter box in sight, or a place for them to roam, I’m not sure how the room stayed so clean. But making sense isn’t the game here. Making it through the movie is really the proper goal.