I now present to you, round 2 of the soda collections. This time, we have a few energy drinks I found for very very cheap. Most were found for 50-60 cents rather then the normal $2-3. Are they worth not paying full retail like many other drinks, or do they just suck. Will they energize you and make the work day somewhat more bearable, or will they cause you much internal bleeding and lifetime regret. Read on. That is if you dare.

syzmo_4 syzmo_2
These were 60 cents each. I have to admit, they weren’t bad. I didn’t think they were really energy drinks though, as they honestly tastes like Ginger Ale soda. Usually most energy drinks have the same taste, even the Moxie variety. Here they are just the same flavored soda idea, but soon after provided an energy boost. And by boost, I mean my heart started racing, and I was pretty well convinced that doom was around the corner and something bad would happen very soon. [break]

franks_3 franks_2
Frank’s energy drink. Wow, what a name. These were a whole 70 cents, so a big ticket item comparatively speaking. The familiar taste returned, so I knew they had some sort of ingredient that would ruin my day and make me paranoid. I usually have these on bad days, since there’s little point only having a ‘sort-of’ bad day. May as well push it all the way and convince yourself that everyone hates you.

morningcoffee_1 morningcoffee_2
Catalina Morning Coffee:
If you’re on your death bed and someone happens to care enough to be there, you can give them this piece of advice: Never buy dairy products in a can. Unless they’re only there to scavenge items from your will once you pass. Then you can suggest they drink this can of morning coffee. Boasting that it will be the perfect start to your day, I can only imagine they hope you will drink this, crash your car, die, and thus avoid going to work. Opinion may vary when it comes to defining that as a good day, but at times I may have to agree.

A look at the ingredients lists real milk, and not a whole lot to preserve it. After popping the seal, and taking a sip, I noted the familiar taste of lemons, then proceeded to walk down the hall with the sip still in my mouth so I could spit and dump this awful drink down the sink. Sadly, I should have known better. Years back, I got some Famous Amos chocolate milk from a Wholesale store, which was stored unrefrigerated in cans. That too tasted like sour fruit, and ruined that brand name for quite a while. Even the cookies.