Here’s another early entry from Full Moon, but they certainly started showing their campy side. Not a way that it became self-parody, but almost in the way most 80’s comedies with the Corey’s were portrayed.

I didn’t have much expectations for this movie, and I really hadn’t heard about it as much as many of the other more notorious Full Moon movies. The idea of a movie centered around a shock jock didn’t do much for me. And for the first portion of the movie, little happens aside from the antics of the DJ, and some news reporting team trying to make a mark in their small town.

So after some publicity student, and possible conflict of interest issues with the head of the news organization, the fledgling reporter decides to do a story on a possible UFO in order to strike it rich. However aliens do land, and soon take over the radio station, keeping the DJ hostage and covering everything in extraterrestrial mold.

This is where is gets weird. The alien doesn’t harm the guy despite vaporizing the pizza delivery guy, and starts broadcasting using some tentacles that are now part of the broadcasting board. Randomly women are targeted throughout town and subjected to a hallucinogenic 80’s rock video that includes their participation. Since this was in ’92, hair metal was pretty much on it’s way out, so I imagine even then is was pretty dated, but at least the overly flamboyant behavior is entertaining, more-so than the grunge genre that took over at that point.

After a few women are subjected to bad metal and teleported into a small jar, we get to the third subject who really gets a doozy of a performance. The song is about being really happy and is fronted by a corpse-painted clown and a guitar shredding nun. They are accompanied by a ton of other characters too, and gives us one of the weirder scenes in the movie.

I’m really not sure what the motivation was, and why such dramatic actions had to be taken before simply kidnapping the women. They snapped out of the trance right after being placed in the jar, so I really don’t see the point. The costumes were rather silly, especially for the main alien, but some of the other creatures weren’t bad. The mold infestation was done pretty well, so I can’t complain. Overall it wasn’t a bad movie, and provided enough silly moments that it was generally entertaining.