I rented this a long time ago. Gary Busey was misleadingly given one of the top billing slots. Now I don’t know why that fact alone was the tipping point for renting the movie, but I also don’t know why I ended up buying the movie in the sales bin year later either after knowing the movie was terrible. I guess I just don’t make good decisions. I suppose that’s a given though.

The Car Ride Cliche pretty much plays out note for note. Some random couple that we don’t care about is killed off, and then there’s 10 minutes of driving and talking after five minutes of packing. Some young adults are heading off for a camping trip, and we all know how well those end up.

But returning to the back story, a boy and his mother live alone in a small house in the middle of nowhere. One day some drunks wander by and ravage and kill the mother, leaving the boy unconscious. Somehow he decides to stick around and live under the floorboards for the next few decades. There’s no explanation for his survival skills, but we’re not meant to question plot points.

Anyway the group finally get to wherever they were intending to go by the halfway point in the movie. Along the way Gary Busey has his five second cameo as a crazy guy who sells chickens. He also chops them up and doesn’t care much to separate the actions, so his bloody appearance greets those who drop by. We see him again one more time, but he plays no part in this.

Instead we have Mario Lopez acting more annoying than usual. But as with most Car Ride Cliche and Slasher movies, that’s par for the course. There are only two somewhat normal people in the movie, consisting of one of the couples. Sure the guy is a bit of a goof, and the girl is uptight and lacking a sense of humor, but as we find out, she sort of has a reason. While in the forest, she reveals that she is pregnant, and the father to be is instantly happy, so for once you aren’t immediately rooting for them to die. The rest however are fair game.

The killer isn’t fleshed out at all, and just blindly kills everyone. And then there’s no resolution. I can’t really say that’s a spoiler (and I do try to keep as much of the movie ambiguous as possible), but nothing happens. People drive, people die. Just another flick for the cliche compilation that I’ll make someday.