Once again, we meet our heros: guy 5 and guy 6. They are talking about his new CD player. But it is not a CD player it is the new Rappin’ with the Homeboys CD! So guy 5 suggests they throw it in the dumpster. With such a threat placed against guy 6, he lashes out with a death threat. Guy 5 agrees and they both head off. Once they are there, they realize that they forgot the CD but continue onward.


It’s a struggle getting into the dumpster, but after trying really hard, they succeed. As the camera pans up to guy 5, he contemplates the meaning of life and wonders where his friend is. But alas, goshzilla arrives and attacks guy 6, soon after kicking guy 5.

Guy 6 is alright and triumphantly arises out of the rubble, only to get kicked out of the dumpster. He tries to get back in but fails at first. Guy 7 arrives, does a roll and breaks some sticks. Guy 6 asks if he is his first friend, but he is not. Guy 6 gets back into the dumpster. They discuss what is happening and guy 7 is shocked to find out that Goshzilla is back.


Guy 7 tells guy 6 that he must train before he fights Goshzilla. Guy 6 breaks some boards and is ready. Once goshzilla appears, they argue over who will fight him first and start a sword fight. Guy 6 wins and goes to fight goshzilla 2000!


Ready for anything, guy 6 fist fights goshzilla, but is eventually flushed down the drain. “Tonight you sleep with the rodents” goshzilla taunts. But luckily, guy 6 comes up through the local port-a-john, and rushes back to the scene. Guy 7 meditates to ready himself for the big fight.


Guy 7 talks with goshzilla, and starts to fight, but gets his hand chomped and screams. Goshzilla then bites off his head, causing guy 7 to fight blindly. But of course guy 7 is victorious and he and guy 6 walk off into the distance while a lovely song is heard.