Goshzilla 2005 (2005)


Back for his third attempt, Goshzilla again terrorizes those who foolishly enter his domain. We start of with two people who are arguing about a CD holder. But it is not a CD holder, not even the great Rappin’ with the Homeboys CD. Surely this can only be resolved though a fight at the park….

Goshzilla 2000 (2001)


Once again, we meet our heros: guy 5 and guy 6. They are talking about his new CD player. But it is not a CD player it is the new Rappin’ with the Homeboys CD! So guy 5 suggests they throw it in the dumpster. With such a threat placed against guy 6, he lashes…

Goshzilla (1998)


I was going to let Goshzilla review this himself, being his site and all, but I figured he’d be too biased. So I told him it was free monkey day at the Market, and that got him out. I’m not sure what free monkey day is, but he bought it, so now I can get…