I was going to let Goshzilla review this himself, being his site and all, but I figured he’d be too biased. So I told him it was free monkey day at the Market, and that got him out. I’m not sure what free monkey day is, but he bought it, so now I can get to this without him messing up the HTML. (I caught him trying to install Dreamweaver on this computer once, shame, of course I had to reformat the harddrive afterwards. He said something about a wizard wig or something, I dunno.)

gosh01 gosh02 gosh03
So Goshzilla starts off with two friends talking about a CD player, but is it?
NO!, it’s a CD holder the other friend exclaims. They argue over the true identity of the object, until they decide to settle it in a fight at the park. But unfortunately they get hopelessly lost getting there, and start a pushing/choking match. Just then, they hear some rumbling sounds.

A foot is seen stomping through the grass, THEN the one and only Goshzilla pokes his head out from behind a tree. He roars a menacing roar, then stomps on the second friend. Friend one is concerned, somewhat. He tries to help but gives up as it appears that it’s a hopeless situation.

gosh04 gosh05 gosh06
Booom, Ahhhh! Auuugh! Eeeegh!

Is all lost? Will Guy #1 never find true friendship again? Will Goshzilla be found again? Let’s see…
Soon Guy #3 comes by. He offers his friendship to Guy #1, but in exchange for what? HIS VERY LIFE!!! Guy #1 warns Guy #3 about the danger around, but Guy #3 still ends up getting chomped.

Soon after, another Guy comes around: Guy #4. He states that his name is Ho Chi Mihn and that his portrait is displayed on a tank in Boston. Again Guy #1 warns of the danger around. Goshzilla appears again and confronts the two people. Guy #1 pushes Ho Chi Mihn into Goshzilla and Mihn dies. Now it’s just Guy #1 and Goshzilla. Face to Face.

gosh07 gosh08 gosh09 
I am on a tank in Boston I taste like a fortune Cookie Hoo Yaaah!

Guy #1 and Goshzilla start an immense fight sequence. Goshzilla seems to be loosing at first, but Guy #1 makes a comeback briefly before being kicked. He exclaims his defeat and walks into the sunset. Guy #4 follows him.
Or is it Guy #3

Or Guy #2