Of many of the movies I’ve seen lately, this one comes out a little better than most. It’s not really bad in a b-movie way, and it’s certainly not a hollywood remake/clone piece, so that’s certainly in its favor. It does tread in similar mid-range budget films the likes of After Dark Horrorfest entries though, but that’s the trend lately.

As far as story goes, it’s not terribly deep. However it does make up for that with very good effects and supporting roles by some acting veterans such as Robert Patrick from T2 and Dusk til Dawn, and the tattoo guy from every movie that needs a tattoo guy. However this movie didn’t really need a tattoo guy, but still. The young cast seems to be carbon copy of many of the actors/actresses lately. I suppose if your role is Mardi Gras partier #3 though, there isn’t a whole lot to flesh out.


Anyway after an extended partying scene told through photographs, we barely avoid a car scene cliché due to an unforseen crash on a dark road. Somehow help arrives to cart off the body without much word from either of the EMT’s. The crew requests help and snatch a ride on the ambulance to the nearest hospital. Upon arrival, the most hurt member is carted off, while the rest wander around the lobby. Another suddenly notices a shard of glass in his ribs. They want him to wait for the doctor’s attention, but he doesn’t think it’s too bad, and pulls the shard out. As it slides, they come to realize the piece is about a foot long, and he promptly passes out.

The other people end up in various predicaments, either because they wanted to score some good meds, or they just got bored and wandered off. After some exploration, they first meet the staff who apparently belong in a prison, but must be out on work release of some sort. The nurse is paranoid of germs and wears gloves and uses tissues to pick up anything. The doctor seems the most normal, but of course is up to no good. We soon find out that people disappear all in the hopes for finding donor matches to keep the doctor’s wife on life support and hopefully cure her some day.


The effects are decent. We’re treated to the mentioned glass shard in the ribs, but also to a drill in the skull and circulation system around the room scenes. Acting is decent and nothing to really complain about, so while it’s not a spectular movie, it does have it’s good points.