Just about the only thing that I could find out about Peter Bark, was his name. The IMDB has nothing other than a reference to some uncredited role he had. E! online had even less. So with such little information, and less interest, why would he be the our first Cult Icon? Why, because he was in Burial Ground and make every scene he was in so odd, you couldn’t help but love it.

peterbark1 peterbark5
Since this was the only movie I can find, I’ll list off the main achievements for Burial Ground.

First off, he was supposed to be a ten year old boy, but he looked much older. MUCH older. From what I’ve read he was actually 25, which makes it only as disturbing as an episode of Barney and friends. This mainly came about due to strict child labor laws in Italy at the time. Mostly stemming from the type of movie this was and the parts that he would have to play. That aside, he give new meaning to an Oedipus complex. You make think you can stomache anything, but he pulls off the most disturbing and odd display I’ve ever seen. If you watch the American version, you be treated to the funniest voice dubbing ever done. It’s like a grown man faking a childs voice, similar to what is done most of the time in a story narration.

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I don’t have much more reason, and I’m the worst writer on earth, so let’s just leave it at that and congratulate Peter Bark on the first Goshzilla Cult Icon Award.