I’m not sure why a movie called Zombie Lake would be of interest to me; I guess just because it had the word Zombie in it. I was used to Italian Zombies at the time, and when I got this movie I found out it was a French zombie movie of all things. So how different can a zombie movie made in France be from one in Italy? Well the one(s) made in France decided to make it a wartime drama instead of a horror movie. It’s very confusing.

The movie starts off with a random girl going swimming in a very dirty lake. A green zombie is merrily swimming along and sees the girl and jumps up out of the water like jaws and drowns her. So the view cuts to a coffee shop. They might be talking about the missing girl, or something else; I don’t really feel like watching this again to find out.

lake02 lake03
The mayor and the local village people, who are a bunch of extras who don’t seem to notice that the camera is filming, gather around his house. The mayor states that they must realize that the zombies have declared war. An old guy then goes “Yeah……yah…..YEAH!” which is odd.

Another zombie comes out of the water and kills some woman for like five minutes. The funny thing about this scene is when the camera pans arond the zombie, you see the view skake as the cameraman has to step over the body to keep panning. So finally after forever, some people carry the body to the mayors building and drop it off at the door. The whole town is standing there and then the mayor comes out, looks annoyed and walks back in.

lake06 lake07
All this commotion catches the attention of a reporter from out of town. She is very ugly. The first stop is the local coffee shop, or wherever people went to drink for the whole day, since everyone in the town can be found there at any time of day unless they’re out killing zombies or nazis or something. The reporter asks some questions but no one wants to talk until the owner of the place sits down and suggests that she talk to the mayor. So she does, and he starts telling her a story set during the war (WW2 I’m guessing).

At first I didn’t know he was telling a story, so after a half hour of random war shooting and nazis dating french women, I was thoroughly confused. So basically some nazis roll into town and shart shooting planes and stuff, and one nazi saves a french woman but gets hurt so she visits him in the hospital and they fall in love or something. A few days later the nazi walks into her house looks at here, walks to a baby carriage, looks at the baby, looks at the woman again and walks out without saying a word. Later on the nazis are walking around in a forest and take a break. The mayor and his homeboys sneak up and shoot all of them and throw them in the dirty lake. But this is no ordinary lake, it’s a voodoo lake or a witch lake or some other evil/mystical force lake.

Thus ending the hour long flashback and clueing me in that it actually was a flashback. I had just figured that it was part of the story and was wondering why there hadn’t been any zombies except for the first one. So now after all this time the zombies are finally arising and killing women including a volleyball team while a song that went “Lalalalalala” plays in the background. It’s very bad. Then the nazi who saved the girl finds her house again and sees his long lost daughter and gives her the necklace that hre received from her mother. The girl takes no notice that he’s a zombie and is excited at his return. Then he walks away and joins the killing spree.

Then group never actually does anything. The main zombie goes back to see his daughter and the maid faints. They go for a silent stroll showing that he’s a better father as a zombie than as a nazi. That must be the “hidden meaning”. He meets up with the rest of the zombies and he blocks his daughter from them and proceeds to have a very slow fight with the second head zombie. He (the father zombie) wins and continues his walk. Once he returns her home, he rejoins the zombie group for another killing spree. There’s no hard feelings with the zombie he just fought with, since the’re working side by side now.

lake12 lake13
Once the mayor finds out about these outings, he wants the daughter to help destroy all the zombies. She of course wants no part of it since it’s her father, then later decides to help, but doesn’t like it. The reporter returns and takes some pictures and gets randomly killed. The daughter fills a bucket of blood and teases her father into entering a barn. Then the coolest part of the movie happens where the village people make a flamethrower out of some gas or oil and a hose. They torch everything and rejoice while the daughter gets saddened.

I think it ends there, since there’s not much else left to do. This movie was very weird and somewhat boring, but it’s a french zombie movie, what was I thinking. If you hate your friends and never want them to comes over again, show this to them, and that should do the trick. Good luck finding it though.