This is one of those movies where you figure it’s purely exploitative. Not I’m not saying it isn’t at all, but it’s hardly the point of the film. I’m sure a certain amount of false pretense was used to lure in viewers, so they would sit long enough for the plot to unravel, and that’s understandable.


For the first portion of the movie, we’re introduced to the archetypal high school girl types. While this may seem standard, high school did seem to be a fertile breeding ground for stereotypical behavior, so we’ll let that one slide. Here we have the shy good girl, the loner with glasses, and the punk attitude girl. Their personas change slightly due to the stress of the unfolding events, but not to a large degree.

So once they arrive at the cabin, they unpack, find a dead fox in the freezer for some reason, and then head off for some topless sunbathing since no one else it around. This isn’t 100% comfortable for everyone, and it starts some uneasy feelings between the friends. After this, they head back to get stoned and hang around the house for the night. After some silliness, they hear some rustling outside and go to see what it might be. At the front door, a man corners one of the girls, but they manage to get him at gunpoint and then tied up.


Since this was more of an instinctive reactionary move, they aren’t really sure what to do next. The car doesn’t work, the phones aren’t hooked up, and the nearest neighbor is miles away, not that they are comfortable separating. However, this seems to be the best plan, and they leave one of the girls with the gun to guard him as the other two head off into the forest to try and find help.

While they are gone, the intruder and remaining girl begin to talk. He tries to gain her trust and get untied. Since she believes him, and his story, she lets him free just in time for the others to arrive back home. At this point, we’re not sure who to believe, but they find a need to come to a resolution sooner than later.


This was a low budget film, but due to the cost savings of a four person cast and on-site locations, it still retains a larger budget feel. It’s not a mini-DV production, and other aspects are equally as professional. If you look hard enough, you can poke some holes in the logic, but when dealing with teen girls, logic isn’t always on the menu. It does keep you wondering what will happen by the end, which is a good thing, and I found it to be entertaining.