The Story of Srebrenica tries to be a heartwarming children’s tale, but ultimately becomes a disturbing tale of parental loss and eating rats.

Srebrenica was loved by her parents who named her after a place that just sounded nice. They gave her a home and a blanket; what else could a parent do better. But one day a storm came a blowin’ and they ran out to nail down the floorboard or something, leaving little Srebrenica on the floor to fend for herself. I assume they thought she would be safe, but no, a tornado rages outside the window.

As she wanders in thought about life and its mysteries, the tornado breaks through the window and then comes inside, ripping the walls away from the foundation (but leaving the baby on the floor). But fear not, her loving parents may be impaled on a rake nearby, but a wolf comes by to save her and bring her back to the den.

Srebrenica becomes one with the wolf pups and the mother brings by a bloodied dead rat. After a short slumber, Srebrenica wakes up and sees the gift of a rat, then takes and eats it.

As we see a gathering of all woodland animals dancing in harmony (excluding members of the rat family I assume), Srebrenica is now all grown up and appears from the side of the screen. Then a bird throws a worm in her mouth and she smiles, letting you know that all is well.