I have to admit, the cover is impressive. That’s often the only thing that will help me see a movie. I’m simple in many ways. I couldn’t really figure out what the movie was about, and even halfway through that was still the case. I think towards the end, it was a bit clearer, but not a whole lot.

The movie starts out with a barren town and a lot of dead bodies. The only survivors are driving away at breakneck speed, but soon a creature appears behind them and starts stabbing the car. After taking out a few of the people in the car, the last one tries unsuccessfully to run away on foot.


Then we switch to a dark room with a coffin. This confused me, since it apparently has nothing to do with the main plot, and just tries to explain the reason this certain group of people are there. But it just left me not knowing what was going on. So since this movie isn’t about vampires after all, we’ll get back to the main creatures.

Apparently they’re either aliens or manifestations of a cult leader. Still not quite sure on that point, but they’re not vampires. A group called the Guardians is traveling around in a van filled with artillery. They reach the town in ruins and find one survivor being followed by another creature. They save her but lose one of their own, so that didn’t really achieve much.


They do eventually reach a building where the restĀ of the town is barred up in, and make that their new base. Staying holed up isn’t going to get them far, so they need to find the source of the problem, which lies in a cult figure and his magical book. One Samoan guy volunteers to head out and find him. It half works, and he’s captured then brought back to the cult guy’s barn. Same result though, except he’s now tied up. Luckily backup arrives and then we can have the final showdown.

Overall it’s a decent movie and worth watching once. I’ve certainly seen much worse CGI-fests on Sci-fi (SyFy now, which to me reads like siffy, and thus very silly). The creatures were actually somewhat cool, and the acting was on par for the course. Add guns and blood to the mix, and things are cool. The effects are passable but what can you do. It did look like a DIY effort, which of course is just fine, and I think fit with the level of effort that was afforded for this movie. I still don’t get the vampire thing, but whatever.