Disclaimer: I have been asked to comment regarding the nature of this review. I do hereby proclaim that I was working alone in this endeavor and I claim full responsibility for any and all of the content read and/or viewed in this review.

00:00:00 – 00:01:31 Opening scene from “Monters Crash The Pajama Party” where the narrator hypnotizes the audience to turn into monsters!
00:01:32 – 00:02:15 Curse you, Steve Via. A pox upon you and yours.
00:02:16 – 00:03:35 Part of the opening to the Japanese fantasy series “Saiyuki” (Monkey). The song will be in my head all day, now.
00:03:36 – 00:06:01 Aftershave commercial where a man punches his way through total strangers for a mean, clean shave.
00:06:02 – 00:09:55 Bad boys Miceli and Rizzo gun down anything that moves in this scene from The Executioner (1978)
00:09:56 – 00:10:52 Traci Lords shows us how to work-out and rap about it.
00:10:53 – 00:13:18 A live performance by Celtic Frost of the hit “Circle of the Tyrants.” NOW you’re talking.
00:13:19 – 00:17:42 AC/DC music video for “Jailbreak”
00:17:43 – 00:18:22 Bunch of frat freaks take turns drinking and then puking on camera.
00:18:23 – 00:18:35 A man is killed by ninjas after losing a staring contest in this (yet) unidentified film.
00:18:36 – 00:20:45 A man is locked in the fight of his life when his bed sheets try to strangle him.
00:20:46 – 00:22:39 Clip from the great American classic that redefined musicals as we know it, no not Greast, silly. The Apple!
00:22:40 – 00:22:41 Man gets hit in the face with a fire extinguisher in this disturbing scene from the overall disturbing flim “Irreversible.”
00:22:42 – 00:25:20 The very talented David Nkrumah Liebe Unger Hart’s puppets perform on The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show.
00:25:21 – 00:26:33 Compilation of confrontational Christian Jonathan Bell accusing the viewer of being fat and stealing his car.
00:26:34 – 00:30:39 Andy Kaufman performs his Old McDonald routine to the bewilderment of everyone in the room.
00:30:40 – 00:32:07 Public access show featuring “Country Bernie and the Park Ridge Senior Stampede” line dancing to Black Box.
00:32:08 – 00:32:31 More footage of Traci Lords exercising.
00:32:32 – 00:33:25 A rather rude car commercial from Big Bill Hell’s Cars company.
00:33:26 – 00:33:37 Televangelist physically assaults a man on stage to free him from the Devil’s curse of acne.
00:33:38 – 00:34:40 Clips from Fat Albert spliced and edited to fit with the NWA hit “Gangsta Gangsta”
00:34:41 – 00:35:41 About 30 Japanese guys pile into one car and drive off.
00:35:42 – 00:37:10 Psychedelic stuff.
00:37:11 – 00:39:23 Michael Hayes & the Freebirds trash talk on Georgia Championship Wrestling.
00:39:24 – 00:40:03 Winston cigarette commercial featuring the Flintstones.
00:40:04 – 00:42:02 A man seizes on stage during a musical performance and the crowd loves it.
00:42:03 – 00:45:19 Funkadelic live stage performance on Upbeat.
00:45:20 – 00:45:43 Two Japanese guy connected with clothespins on their lips tied together pull away from each other.
00:45:44 – 00:46:29 Footage from the Ernie Kovacs show featuring a band of men in monkey suits.
00:46:30 – 00:47:12 Writer Charles Bukowski gets a little confrontational with his fiance and her “sleep around” ways.
00:47:13 – 00:48:32 Sometimes even Frankenstein gets lonely.
00:48:33 – 00:49:17 Clip from Japanese hidden camera show where people are rudely awakened (shot at, jumped on, hit, etc)
00:49:18 – 00:49:31 Japanese commercial for Creap Creamy Powder product.
00:49:32 – 00:49:45 Weird Eskimo Pino Ice Cream commercial with aliens.
00:49:46 – 00:50:00 Bruce Willis stars in a commercial for the Maki Jewellery Stores accompanied by music from globe.
00:50:01 – 00:50:16 Brief commercial for a porno that’s older than most people reading this site.
00:50:17 – 00:53:08 Informative news from the Sex Over 40 instructional video. Filthy, filthy humans.
00:53:09 – 00:53:21 More Traci Lords.
00:53:22 – 00:54:06 Mr. Methane shocks and delights millions with his fart-based humor.
00:54:07 – 00:56:25 Mike White shows us a scene by scene line-up revealing how much of a hack Quentin Tarentino truly is. Now tell us something we don’t know.
00:56:26 – 00:59:04 Jeff Stryker explains to us how to use the Stryker Penis Pump.
00:59:05 – 01:01:29 Creepy yet awesome French stop motion.
01:01:30 – 01:02:07 An old man is clearly comfortable in his own home.
01:02:08 – 01:04:13 Training video explaining the overly elaborate acronyms used by the Hell’s Angels.
01:04:14 – 01:04:51 Ryan O’Neal gives the worst line-reading of his career in Tough Guys Don’t Dance.
01:04:52 – 01:05:29 The exploding rat scene from ALIEN CONTAMINATION.
01:05:30 – 01:08:02 A scene from The Witch with Flying Head where the titular flying head eats some babies.
01:08:03 – 01:14:37 Home video of a man named Larry giving some insanely detailed directions.
01:15:38 – 01:19:23 The ever famous Will Shatner performance of Rocket Man.
01:19:24 – 01:19:28 More Ryan O’Neal’s horrible line-reading.
01:19:29 – 01:20:17 Butt head demons.
01:20:18 – 01:20:35 Hey, kids! It’s more Mr. Methane!
01:20:36 – 01:21:07 A scientist from the year 2250 visits the set of BET’s Teen Summit. Guess he got lost.
01:21:08 – 01:21:36 Informercial featuring the lovely Jessica Hahn.
01:21:37 – 01:23:53 Christian puppet show.
01:23:54 – 01:23:55 More of those two Japanese guy and their clothespins.
01:23:56 – 01:24:04 More Traci Lords.
01:24:05 – 01:28:10 AC/DC performing live in Australia “Dirty Deeds”