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Candy Stripers (2006)


There’s a reason movies sometimes have a $5 price tag, and as is often the case, they are still overcharging. At some point, I need to resist the urge of a good deal when in fact buying nothing really is the better option. This movie in particular, short of being free, just isn’t worth it….

When Evil Reigns (2006)


It’s hard to rate these no budget movies. I know you can’t hold them to the same level as most others due to the lack of funds. We’re always saying that money doesn’t make a good movies, so a lack of financial backing forces most to like the movie even if they didn’t like it….

Invasion of the Pod People (2007)


If anyone offers you a potted ginseng plant, don’t take it, or you will be killed by your own clone. And that’s a terrible way to die. It would also place you in this movie, which is a terrible way to live, so you really can’t win. Stay away from the plant…and this movie. Pod…

The Brotherhood 2 (2001)


This was possible the gayest movie I’ve ever seen. Not that I’m in a habit of watching gay movies. I’m also not using that in a derogatory way, it really had boy-love undertones. Heck undertones would mean they attempted to hide it. And they didn’t. So I imagine most of this review will be a…

Demons at the Door (2004)


Sooner or later, I’m going to end up watching all the movies that Joe Castro has been involved with. And not on purpose mind you, I just dig a DVD from the collection and voila, rubber demons bleeding yellow paint all over the place. Not that I complain mind you. A movie this silly can’t…

Near Death (2004)


I will admit that Joe Castro has grown on me. I’m not ready to watch his films without the generous persuasion of a cattle prod (as is often the case working for Goshzilla), but the man has some chops. As a filmmaker, his talents reside mostly in cheap yet convincing special effects and less in…

Tower of Blood (2005)


How many movies have followed this premise: A group of twenty-somethings want to party in an abandoned building and some slasher who somehow existed on his own for years in the place kills them all one-by-one. The correct answer can only be determined by researching the sales of mini-DV prosumer cameras, as I’ve yet to…

Terror at Blood Fart Lake (2009)


I was pretty sure I was going to hate this going in, but I found it wasn’t all that bad. Originally I was going to compare Rise of the Scarecrows and this movie, but then I had to actually watch both, so things might be altered a bit. However the core point still stands as…

Detour (2003)


Part of the way through this, I realized it was pretty much the same plot of the Hills have Eyes remake, right down to the broken down RV, and mutated hillbillies. However, despite the other movie having more professional gore elements, I did find this one much more entertaining. Off the bat, you can tell…

Half-Caste (2004)


Movies trying to achieve the shot-on-video look usually just end up succeeding. But this success results in much failure. Combine that with trying to make it feel like a genuine documentary gone wrong, and then combine the fact that I only took a couple screenshots in an attempt to write as little as possible, and…