Tag: Aliens

Lifeforce (1985)


It took a while to wrap my brain around the fact that this was a Tobe Hooper film. It almost seemed too good. Not to say he’s just in the realm of silly b-movies, but a high scale sci-fi action flick just didn’t seem to match. But then again it’s about space vampires in the…

Inseminoid (1981)


If you told me that the first thing I was going to see, after countless millennia of slumber, was a “Z-grade” film about an alien that impregnates women, I would have stayed buried. Imagine my chagrin when I was unearthed for the sole purpose of reviewing this film and others like it. Inseminoid‘s story isn’t…

The Killer Eye (1999)


Charles Band, and Full Moon. You can look no further than this movie to pretty much define the niche he carved out. While the 50’s had sci-fi monster movies, the 60-70’s had gritty torture movies, and the 80’s had campy slashers, I personally feel that the 90’s will pretty much be defined by the various…

Candy Stripers (2006)


There’s a reason movies sometimes have a $5 price tag, and as is often the case, they are still overcharging. At some point, I need to resist the urge of a good deal when in fact buying nothing really is the better option. This movie in particular, short of being free, just isn’t worth it….

Invasion of the Pod People (2007)


If anyone offers you a potted ginseng plant, don’t take it, or you will be killed by your own clone. And that’s a terrible way to die. It would also place you in this movie, which is a terrible way to live, so you really can’t win. Stay away from the plant…and this movie. Pod…

Guardians (2006)


I have to admit, the cover is impressive. That’s often the only thing that will help me see a movie. I’m simple in many ways. I couldn’t really figure out what the movie was about, and even halfway through that was still the case. I think towards the end, it was a bit clearer, but…

Alien Invasion Arizona (2005)


You can tell by the cover, that this movie was trying very hard to appear like a genuine alien movie. The words ‘Invasion Arizona’ were printed ever so tiny, it was easy to miss. But such is the work of b-movies, and luckily our trained eyes can spot these, and in turn specifically pick them…