Halloween Candy 2012 – Part 2


Zombie Food, Snoopy Cocoa, Gummy Animal Jars [break]

Shadow of the Vampire (2000)


I watched this back when it first came out. It was not due to the source material, but rather the fact that the movie rental business was still around, and that was the only form of entertainment at the time. I hadn’t even heard of Nosferatu at the time and my desire to see cult…

American Gothic (1988)


Culture clash is far from a new concept, and that of modern social norms vs those from yesteryear has also been used. Sometimes it’s as simple as a group cut off from the rest of civilization for a period of time, while society progressed (or regressed at time). However I’m usually not in the camp…

Murdercycle (1999)


In the quest to watch and/or own anything related to Full Moon Productions, I found a 4-pack of DVD’s which had the much needed Killer Eye, two monster movies that could very will be for children, and then this: Murdercycle. Aside from being an awesome name, it seems to fit that 80’s sci-fi/action hybrid perfectly….

Halloween Candy 2012 – Part 1


Going over some of the standard Halloween candy of this season. [break]

Monsturd (2003)


Choosing a favorite movie ever, has always been tough for me. Some can rattle it off, others lie because that’s a highly social-political chess move in life. For me, I usually have a steadfast movie/band/computer game, which is usually ‘good’ in all respects, but it ends up being more of a quick answer to a…

Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959)


I first saw this in my crazy eBay days of the early 2000’s, when I stumbled upon a seller of n’th generation VHS dubs. At this point, you couldn’t get much, since no one was making things on DVD aside from blockbusters, and most of the VHS tapes had tracking issues. At least the bootlegs…

VLOG (2008)


So with the rest of the crew doing their VLogs, I figured I’d chime in. Not with an actual vlog, as I’m far too lazy, so instead I’ll just do one about the horrific movie: VLOG. Let’s take a history lesson that I’m all too embarrassed to recall. Dig back a decade, give or take…

Polar Seltzer

Various Seltzers, which aren’t any good.

Hot Coffee Asian Pear


We try a health food store Asian Pear/Ginger drink, Coffee Cola, and a ‘HOT’ asian energy offering.