This isn’t really a movie, but since we all love Terror Toons so much and want bit parts in the next one, I’ll give this short a review. Found on the Terror Toons 2 DVD extras, 1.5 brings back some of the characters from the original classic but with another family.

The main girl starts out in a mental institution. It’s unclear whether the movie turns to a flash back or is a progression. A mysterious hand drops a copy of Terror Toons on the lawn. This fuels the carnage to come, but makes me curious to see why the girl was insane in the first place if it’s not a flashback.

In any case the Terror Toons DVD is popped in the player and the evil cartoons jump out and start killing things. This is where our friend Joe shines as he is evidently a master of DIY effects on a low budget. Much like Peter Jackson, he knows how to get things done and the creativity flows. We have ripped spines, peeled faces and other spendid gore effects. Without a bothersome plot to get in the way, the second half is dedicated to a splatterfest. It makes the confusing first half worthwhile.

The first half really is a trip. I’m honestly not sure what is going on past the whole asylum thing. There’s little dialogue and a lot of funny faces. It isn’t long though, so it’s a fun viewing.